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Emergency response

Emergency response Fondation Margherita
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2022 marked the armed conflict in Ukraine and the forced migration of thousands of families. As mothers flew with their children, thousands of orphan children awaited urgent, yet complex, evacuation. Complying with national and international laws on the protection of children and finding trusted partners for logistics and housing whilst keeping a clear mind despite poor communication lines, complex health issues and general unpredictability.


It has taken a big “ALL OF US” to succeed in evacuating three orphanages and provide first needs in Switzerland. Together with the Ukraine Office of the First Lady, Ukraine Ministry of Social Policy, Swiss Federal Office for Migration, International Office for Migration, Swiss cantonal authorities, local communities and compassionate childcare providers, Fondation Margherita accompanied 174 orphan children, their guardians and their children, on a long and complex journey to a safe home and appropriate care in Switzerland.


Throughout this experience, our Foundation learned invaluable lessons about creativity and the power of collaboration in the face of emergency. We have come to realize that what we call HOME is a place of safety where trust and compassion goes a long way to ease the trauma of the war and spark the start of a new future.



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