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Sofia de Meyer

“Experiencing vulnerability and courage to show up in demanding situations has taught me more than hours digesting data in the classroom.”

Sofia de Meyer - Founder Fondation Margherita
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Having been born into a family of nine children, I was surrounded throughout my upbringing by fascinating diversity. This was augmented by years spent at my parents’ school in the Alps where I quickly developed curiosity and awe for nature.


My early professional experience was spent in London, where I worked for seven years in a large law firm. Having acquired some business tools, I decided to put my experience creating my own business, a space of creativity where I could thrive at the thought and execution of positive social and environmental impact.


Back in Switzerland, my entrepreneurial adventure led me to experience connections to the living in rich and diverse ways. My passions guide me to explore our relation to transitions, whether ecological, professional, societal, and most importantly the self. I’ve discovered, and still do, that all is evolution and flow. We do not need to negate the past to build the future. We can trust our past experiences to live in the present. We can live in the present, connected to our values and the surrounding environment, to build the future.

In my work, I truly believe that success comes from trust in life and people. Being connected to all living things and remaining positive and attentive to seeing the vision you can bring and the actions you can take. I believe that when you show up, just as you are, living a whole and vulnerable life experience; projects and creativity follow by themselves. Both companies I created, Whitepod and Opaline, reflect this journey; a journey from head to heart, and from heart to Nature: human nature, biodiversity, and the subtle balance of our interdependence.


I also lived the joy of becoming a mother and found, in my deep sense of purpose often burdened with strong doubts and endless worries, the same entrepreneurial values; show up at all times of day and night as you are, feed your creativity by listening to others and lead your actions from a posture of authentic care trusting the outcome, however unpredictable.


Going forward, I will continue working on being at the service of this journey, in the hope that it will serve to enlighten collective intelligence and to value the invisible: all unquantified, underrepresented, or undervalued contributions to our current systems. Motherhood, for example, represents one of the most essential human capital contributions of all time and yet, it has so little recognition as a pillar of our society.


The climate crisis also requires human-based solutions, readily available and willing to roll up their sleeves to inspire and lead their communities. Mothers have an immense part in this. It is time we create spaces where they can show up as they are and share their experiences to help us build a more caring world.

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