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Guillaume Taylor

"I’ve learned over the past few years that Being in order to Do is far more impactful than Doing in order to Be"

Guillaume Taylor - President Fondation Margherita
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Having been raised by a mother who, without her knowing it, was the quintessence of what ecology means, social and environmental values were ingrained in my upbring.

After having completed my primary & secondary schooling and university in the United States, I began my career in Finance in 1989 with Intel Corporation, first in the UK and then in France. A chance meeting in 1995 brought me back to Switzerland, my birthplace, where I pursued my career in Private Banking, with Darier Hentsch & Cie and as a Partner of de Pury Pictet Turrettini. In 2010 I founded Quadia, an investment firm that would allow me to showcase my understanding of what finance should and must achieve. The learnings of social and environmental finance were mostly brought to me by the fortunate collaboration with world class foundations and NGOs. Today I am the CEO of Hanaku, a company focused on sustainable small-scale infrastructure.

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