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The Caring Economy

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‘Economy’ has its etymological origins from the Greek word oikonomia, ‘household management’, itself derived from oikos ‘house’ and nemein ‘manage’.

The Caring Economy refers to a qualitative value based economic system constructed on the relational well-being found at Home with Motherhood at the centre of a resilient and nurturing ecosystem.

In the Caring Economy, the focus shifts beyond traditional quantitative measures of economic success, such as GDP, to include the well-being and quality of life of individuals. It recognises that significant value is created by monetarily unpaid individuals who contribute substantially to society and the economy and in turn should be acknowledged and given worth. In a Caring Economy, as at Home, value increases the resiliency and wellbeing of relationships among all.

Home is a place where love increases betterment, leading to shared value as well as a space for creativity. It is an area which allows for pure care and a safe space for the rawness of relationship, where the abandonment of responsibility is rendered impossible. Home nurtures common principles which lead to well-being beyond material comfort. Home opens the sense of trust, a safe place for the economy to be part of rather than separate from deep human values.

Globally, the planet is our home, humans our family. What exists in home must translate to the planet; same energy for love in Home as love in World. A world of tolerance. The Caring Economy brings Home to the Corporate World.

Foundation Margherita explores these finite relationships and brings the tools to reinvent a new world which is empowering the next generation of leaders.

In this we see the pivotal role of Mothers as systemic thinkers in leading their community, inspiring change and pragmatic actions driven by the notion of caring. We believe that Mothers alone bring the deep human elements needed to be brought forward in all the undertakings of a society.

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