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“Blessings on the hand of women!

… For the hand that rocks the cradle   Is the hand that rules the world.”

From William Ross Wallace's famous poem

points doux

Fondation Margherita was created to support a group of resolute women driven to rescue Ukrainian orphan children from the ravages of war. Once achieved, the foundation evolved to bring to life Sofia de Meyer’s vision and call to action of a Caring Economy with, at its core center, Motherhood as a pivotal model in nurturing future leaders to design and implement a new model of society.


Mothers provide essential roles that perform the shape of life of a child to become a contributing member of society. They are timeless teachers in the classroom of life, from their precious wisdom to their nurturing arms and to their endless faith and resilience in who and what we become; a mother has multiple attributes which come down to one key element: systemic action inspired by deep rooted and instinctive care.

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